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Norwood House Press

Team spirit is that deep passion shared by players and fans when they wear the same colors, watch the same scoreboard, and cheer the same triumphs. Mark Stewart brings to life the tradition of professional teams and college teams for young sports fans. Each Team Spirit title explores the history of a team, its greatest moments and players, fun quotes, amazing stories and much more. The series covers the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and NCAA.


The Legend and Lore of the Home Run

Lerner Publishing Group

Who hit the longest home run in baseball history? Who hit the shortest? Which power hitting records will stand the test of time? Long Ball answers these questions and many more in a compelling look at baseball’s “greatest hit.” Mark Stewart and Mike Kennedy examine the home run from more than a dozen different angles, separating fact from fiction and revealing the secrets of baseball’s greatest sluggers.
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The Quest for Basketball’s Perfect Shot

Lerner Publishing Group

From three-pointers to slam dunks, Swish goes beyond the records books and explores all aspects of basketball’s greatest shot makers. Mark Stewart and Mike Kennedy chronicle the sport’s most amazing buzzer beaters, profile the game’s top scorers, and uncover tons of trivia for young and old fans alike. Swish tells the story of basketball from the late 1800s to modercn times, showcasing the male and female stars both at the college level and in the pros.
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Lerner Publishing Group

For young racing fans, the only thing more exciting than watching their favorite drivers battle around a high-speed oval is to get right into the thick of the action. Mark Stewart allows them to do this exactly—sitting behind the wheel, springing over a pit wall, coaxing some extra horses out of an engine, officiating a race, or just hanging out with the guys. The Science of NASCAR is an unprecedented six-volume inside look at racing through the prism of elementary-level math and science.


How the Media Made Henry Aaron

The Lyons Press

With baseball’s steroid era upon us, Hank Aaron stands as a living, breathing monument to the game’s glorious past.Mark Stewart and Mike Kennedy provide a blow-by-blow look at a truly remarkable baseball life. But Hammering Hank is much more than a simple biography of a sports icon. It offers an in-depth study of how the media shaped one of the most enigmatic personalities in sports history.
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Rolling with Jason Kidd and the New Jersey Nets

Triumph Books

Kidd Rocks traces Jason Kidd’s story from his days as a basketball prodigy in California, through rough times in Dallas and Phoenix, and finally to his date with destiny as the leader of the NBA's most forlorn franchise. Complete with images from every stage of Jason’s career, KIDD ROCKS gives readers the lowdown on one of basketball’s most uplifting stories.
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The Incredible Rise of Olympic Champion Sarah Hughes

JockBio Books

In Golden Edge, Mark Stewart and Mike Kennedy assemble for the first time a truly complete picture of Sarah Hughes. In examining her past the authors leave no stone unturned; in assessing her future they pull no punches. Golden Edge takes you inside the world of figuring skating and chronicles the rise of the sport’s most surprising star.
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